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I've found that ExperienceProject strongly encourages us to write our personal stories and share them on experience groups, but I think it's way too much work to go back and look for the specific experience group in order to talk about or tell my story about the experience that I had. I'd much rather do this on a blog. I was hesitant to do my first blog because although I have indeed read blogs while browsing the internet, I've never cared to write one myself on tumblr on other such blogging website. I suppose Twitter might be considered a micro-blogging website, but it doesn't count imo. So anyways, I thought I'd my first blog and just write about whatever topic I had an interest in. Turned out, I hate smokers (if you read that, wow! thanks for reading such a long blog! If not, it's okay haha). I had no idea I had felt so strongly about how much I strongly dislike people who smoke, but I do and so I ended up writing a blog in the form of an essay - which is good practice for university writing, not so good for trying to grab an audience on a website only really looking for some online friendships and "fun." The point of this blog is to let you, the reader, know I'll be writing more blogs in the future about topics that I have more than a passing interest in, should you care to read them. I'll end on that note and wish whoever you may be a happy rest of the day or night. 

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Posted on 10:22PM on Mar 13th, 2013
Smokers blog √ This blog √ Next on the blog :)
Posted on 11:07PM on Mar 13th, 2013
I have two blogs written. But they're on private. I'll lift the private setting on one of the blogs, but it's not exactly a blog. More like straight up copying of someone else's thoughts.
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